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What are the Requirements for Selling my Scrap Metal?

Please bring a valid, current government-issued form of identification. Missouri law requires us to keep a copy of your information on file. How Quickly

Can You Set up Pickup?

We have our own fleet of delivery drivers and trucks. Local Missouri scrap metal loads can generally be picked up within one day of notification. How

Will I be Paid?

We offer same-day payment for your scrap metal. Missouri requires that we pay by check for purchases exceeding $500.

How Should I Prepare My Scrap?

We will take your scrap however you bring it in, but you will get the best deal if you separate your metals. If your metals are mixed together or have foreign materials, we will buy it all as tin.  Separating your metals gives you the best prices.  Also, try to remove any plastic, paper and other materials from your scrap—this will remove the guess work from determining weight.  We reserve the right to deduct weights for excess mud, water and debris contained in the recyclable metals.

How Should I Prepare Vehicles?
Vehicles must have the fuel tanks removed.  Vehicles made after 1986 must be accompanied by a valid title with all applicable lien releases and the signature of all owners contained on the title.

What are Your Hours of Operation?

We are open Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm.

What Containers do You Have

We provide luggar boxes, roll-offs and trailers to businesses in need of load containers. We can drop them off to you and then return once you are finish loading to pick up the shipment.

What are Your Current Scrap Metal Prices?
Scrap metal prices change with the market, and therefore, tend to change erratically. Bootheel Recycling updates our pricing list every week based on the current market prices. Visit our pricing page for an updated price list.

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